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Gardening in India

Most of my little gardens have sprung up around London, specifically East London. On a recent trip to India I couldn't resist pulling out my trowel and getting my fingers dirty. I'm not sure what the locals made of it, but it sure made them smile!

Let it snow!

London was covered in a thick blanket of snow overnight, not exactly perfect gardening weather. But hey, this is London and you can't let the weather get the better of you, right? What are the ideal props for a little snow garden I hear you ask. Mini skis and a sled, of course.

One thing that always amazes me is how people react to my gardens. So much so that I've created this short film, Holes Of Happiness (with the help of Cheyne and friends). We tried to capture peoples first reactions to our gardening antics, and we asked them about what they were looking at and why they thought they existed.

Some reactions to my gardens...

I think every post on this blog to date has included a garden or two. This post is a little bit different. One of the things I really enjoy about my gardening adventures is the different reactions people have to my gardens. Most people enjoy them and take them in the way I intended, but not everyone.

Some love for London...

London, indeed the UK, needs some love right now. My latest little garden is my loving London garden. There are no props, no chairs, no tennis court, just some good old fashioned love.

In memory of my stolen bike

I had a busy Saturday in South London, first stop the New Covent Garden Market. What an amazing selection of flowers and plants they have at this time of year. Next stop was this little pothole just around the corner from Borough markets. I created this garden in memory of my bike that was stolen a few months back.

Confused garden...

I was recently commissioned to create a new little garden for I was over the moon, albeit a little intimidated by the brief - to create a little pothole garden with a road running through it with a little street sign warning of the potholes in the road! This is by far my most ambitious garden yet.