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Bristol --> Birmingham and beyond...

The pothole love has been spread from Bristol to Birmingham to Brighton to err Cardiff and Manchester (damn, the alliteration was going so well there for a second). After my first little set of gardens in London, I headed to Bristol to garden next to one of my favourite Banksy pieces.

Unestablishment gardening

I was asked by Koppaberg to run a short pothole gardening walk around East London last week as part of their unestablishment series of events. So last Monday, I set off with some keen gardeners to create some miniature magic...

Just a quick note to say congratulations to the winners of the Mothers day vouchers I blogged about recently. Lucy Allen, Liz Ixer and Renee Walker will all be getting some flowers courtesy of Interflora later this week!

Thank you Interflora for supporting the pothole gardener!

I know I haven't posted any gardens recently, sadly my bike was stolen so I've been out of action. But don't worry, I'm currently creating some new gardens so stay tuned :)