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Some reactions to my gardens...

I think every post on this blog to date has included a garden or two. This post is a little bit different. One of the things I really enjoy about my gardening adventures is the different reactions people have to my gardens. Most people enjoy them and take them in the way I intended, but not everyone.

Yesterday I posted some snaps of my Wimbledon garden - as promised here is a short video that Tom and I put together featuring a squirrel and pigeon who were very interested in what we were doing! 

The pigeons of Wimbledon

Wimbledon kicks off tomorrow. Happy memories of queuing, eating strawberries and sipping champagne spring to mind. As a big Wimbledon fan myself (I spent a day in queue a few years back) I decided to create a wee garden to celebrate the start of this fantastic tournament.

A pothole from Mexico

I was recently sent this picture along with the note: Whilst driving on Mexico's Yucatan highway 261 between Dzibalchen and Xpuhil in the Campeche region we hit this massive pothole. 

Dig 6

o this morning as I was heading off with some serious colours under my arm and I was checking off everything in my head. Plants,, check...sense of humour, check...bum crack, check...photographer from the Evening Standard, what the?