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It wouldn't be Christmas without a little festive garden, would it? I created this little garden in London Fields, complete with everything you need at Christmas time: presents, a TV, crackers, Christmas stockings, decorations, a Yule Log and of course a Christmas Tree.

Columbia Road Flower Market meets Cologne!

I've blogged before about how much I love Columbia Road Flower Market. Nothing beats a Sunday stroll down the buzzing street with a coffee in hand. I spied a pothole at the end of the road during my last visit, and I created this little garden which has managed to stay there for some time now - let me know if you've seen it!

Your pothole gardens

Recently I've been sent some photos of wonderful pothole gardens and I've been meaning to post them. It's great to see potholes from all around the world getting some love!

Gardening at TED!

I was asked to speak at TedxHackney on the weekend, which was quite an honor. The theme for the event was happiness. Daniel Vais created an awesome programme of speakers which looked at ideas around happiness from all different angles. 

Gardening in India

Most of my little gardens have sprung up around London, specifically East London. On a recent trip to India I couldn't resist pulling out my trowel and getting my fingers dirty. I'm not sure what the locals made of it, but it sure made them smile!

Some reactions to my gardens...

I think every post on this blog to date has included a garden or two. This post is a little bit different. One of the things I really enjoy about my gardening adventures is the different reactions people have to my gardens. Most people enjoy them and take them in the way I intended, but not everyone.

Some love for London...

London, indeed the UK, needs some love right now. My latest little garden is my loving London garden. There are no props, no chairs, no tennis court, just some good old fashioned love.